Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nikki Divine aka Nikki Distaulo aka Anny Distaulo from St Jerome

Hey listen guys and girls despite what you may have heard or hear,this blog will be the first and foremost 100% true,i just needed to let y'all know and i needed to vent a bit.

If you like music and talent please you are amongst many if you like Nikki Divine you are amongst the few who do.Th is a girl i used to have on the side for a couple of years therefore i am able to fill you in on how this person really is.First of all the reason i am doing this is beacause she has tried to turn people against me and also contacted my business associates with false stories cause because i would never agree to leave my family for her,thank god!!
Heres the nitty gritty,this girl passes for a saint but reality has it in an other way.She is an undercover drug addict,who does drugs in front of her 5 yr old son and blows smoke in his face (seen it with my own eyes)she also does escort services once in a while for extra drug money.All this in the city of St Jerome.She lives in a crackhouse style appartement with a piss filled matress on the floor with her new welfare cased boyfriend.We've done many things together,gangbangs,threesomes voyeurism,exhibitionism,in a nutshell she was a little how for me and my friends,but this is not new,cause when i met this girl she was a stripper and used to suck dick for extra cash in the private lounges as she did mine there the first night i met her for 40$.

She disguises her so called career as a singer (sorry her talent is left to be desired) but really she is a professional slut bag sorry for the rudeness i am just a little pissed,Nikki Divine has stolen property from me in order to pay her drug habits and got caught on several occasions,she has cheated,well its not really cheating cause i had a girl already but you know what i mean,when a girl says she is totally devoted to you,we believe it...

I used to have Nikki Distaulo Divine on webcam flashing and fingering herself live while her boyfriend was in the other room sleeping.
Then one day it all came to an end,when i decided to go down on her and a nasty smell came from her  vagina this repulesed me and couldnt handle it anymore.She then told me she was pregnant and lost the baby due to all the drugs and chlamydia she had  gotten from her extra escorting activities...anyways the it goes on if you are interested in knowing more about this chick let me know i will blog some more!!! She is on facebook as Nikki Distaulo and artist as Nikki Divine just google her name without the parental block,i was shocked when i seen what i id hate to be you Nikki.She has robbed her family as well and still tries to get cash outta me...YUKKKKKKKKKK!!! nastiest girl ive ever met!!!!

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  1. Nasty,ive seen alot of women but this one by far takes the cake in nastyness!!